The Heath² Daylight + Gallery

is a three level exclusive photo & film / art gallery studio situated in a private, gated plaza - only a few minutes away from Hackney Wick Overground Station. The studio faces the Olympic Park Stadium, and the property is directly on the canal.

The Heath² has three connected modular spaces divided on three levels: the ground floor Gallery, the first floor Daylight, and the second floor Mezzanine. All spaces are available to the client when booking.

The Heath², and each spaces’ use is to the client’s discretion.
The facility has private and guest car parking, Wi-fi, 3 phase power supply on all floors, a toilet w/ shower.

The Heath²  is perfect for any shoot or production.  With its  size, this multilevel studio is perfect for large sets and many members of crew; and with its character, it makes any production extremely professional from start to finish.

Features: Multi-level, big space, skylight rooftop, blackout ground floor, brick & white walls, toilet w/shower, poly boards, poly stands, sandbags, steamers, clothing rails, make-up stations, tables & chairs, wi-fi, sound system.


Ground floor :  4x 13, 1x 32 and 1x 63 amp power outlets and adjustable spot lights.

First floor : 8x 13amp, 3x 16 amp, 2x 32 amp, and 1x 63 amp power outlets.

Second floor : 10x 13 amp and 6x USB charge power outlets. 

Sun path for the current month:

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