Immense space, dark wooden floor, white walls, infinity cove, high ceilings, poly boards, poly stands, sandbags, steamer, clothing rails, make-up station, wi-fi, sound system, toilets, shower and a backdoor loading entrance.  

Originally named Studio 4, it is fully blackout capable and provides the perfect location for almost any production or shoot, including those with multiple sets.

Events, community art showcases, and fashion shows are frequently held in The Hall.

This space is provided with 9x 13 amp, 2x 16 amp, 1x 32 amp and 1x three phase power outlets.

  • Floor Space: 223 sq. mt. - 2409 sq. ft.
  • 58.9 L. x 40.9 W. x 23 H. -ft.
  • 17.9 L. x 12.5 W. x 7 H. -mt.
  • Cove Area:  80.05 sq.ft. - 24.4 sq.mt.
  • 20 W. x 13 L. x 11.2 H. -ft.
  • 6.10 W. x 4 L. x 3.40 H. -mt.
  • Room Height: 7 mt.
  • Door: Width 1.6mt. - Height 2mt.
  • Standing Capacity: 380

    This space is provided with 9x 13 amp, 2x 16 amp, 1x 32 amp single phase, 1x32amp three phase power outlets.

    Download production PDF 

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