The Heath² Daylight

Massive space, skylight rooftop, brick & white walls, toilet w/shower,  poly boards, poly stands, sandbags, steamer, clothing rails, make-up stations, tables & chairs, wi-fi, printer,  and sound system.

The Daylight is on the 1st level of The Heath² and is perfect for any shoot or production.  With its  size, this space is perfect for large sets and many members of crew; and with its high standards of quality, it makes any production extremely professional from start to finish.

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The studio  is provided with 8x 13amp, 3x 16 amp, 2x 32 amp, and 1x 63 amp power outlets.


The Mezzanine is provided with 10x 13 amp and 6x USB charge power outlets and can be used for guest, shooting or styling / make-up team area as well.

The space is provided with : 

8x 13amp, 3x 16 amp, 2x 32 amp, and 1x 63 amp power outlets.

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