Cre8 Studio

The studios were created in a renovated art deco building from the 1930's, known as "The Old Baths".  The building has been divided into - our studios, a café, and working spaces for other creatives.

Cre8 Studio was opened seven years ago in “The Old Baths” building, which was originally designed by the late Percival Holt, the Borough’s engineer in 1935.  Historically, Holt had proposed the building as public baths with a huge swimming pool, a gallery, club rooms, and a concert hall with a stage.   Sadly these plans were never realised and had to be scaled back to only include public ‘slipper’ baths and a laundry.  The building was later, in the 1990s, converted into a community center. Before finally, in 2012, becoming what it is today.

Cre8 Studio is pleased to host a range of clients; anywhere from aspiring students, all the way to fashion brands and magazines including :

Adidas, i-D, Vogue, Wallpaper, Roller Coaster, GQ, Fred Perry, Dr. Martens, Off White, Dior, and more.    

Cre8 Studio has three studio spaces for hire, each of them have their own character.

Address: The Old Baths, 80 Eastway, Hackney Wick, E9 5JH London, UK

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