Old Baths Cafè.  organic, healty and gluten free!

While working at our studios you can enjoy a cup of coffee, have a snack or take your lunch on the ground floor of the studios at the Old Baths Cafè by Gaia Pulses. The food concept is based on wholesome Greek recipes with organic ingredients. Contact Gaia Pulses if you would like a quote for catering on the day of your shoot.

For menu options and budget just write us an email.

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Our wholesome recipes have been handed down over generations of Greek Grandmothers and who knows, maybe even the Gods themselves!

This old knowledge, combined with Organic Vegetables, enriched with Extra Virgin, Cold-Extracted Olive Oil & Grape vinegar, pure Aegean-Sea salt and Mediterranean spices and of course love, is what makes our food so hearty and delicious!

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